Green Lane on-site tarmac Recycling

Green Lane Recycling provides a
new approach to the replacement and
refurbishment of asphalt surfaces
for minor routes and highway repair.


Welcome to Green Lane Recycling and our unique mobile asphalt recycling process.

With over 20 years experience in groundworks and construction, we are looking for new ways to make the construction industry more environmentally responsible this is one solution.

Over the last few years we have been developing an asphalt recycling process by taking your old and poor quality asphalt, digging it up, re-energising it in our unique LPG run tarmac recycler and re-laying it.

The advantages of using this system means a huge reduction in the purchase of new tarmac, presence of heavy lorries and land fill waste.

PavementWe are the perfect solution for driveways, footpaths, cycle tracks, service trenches, pot holes and forecourts.

Technical Specifications

The recycler can re-energise 20 to 25 ton per day.

The recycling machine runs on LPG, as it is cleaner burning and more efficient than other fuels.

The benefits of using Green Lane Recycling asphalt include:

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